Chairman Message

I am honored to be elected as the Chairman of the Civil Division for the Session 2018-2019. On behalf of our members, I would like to express our gratitude to the immediate Past Chairman, Ir Ian Chung, for his dedication and excellent leadership.


In 2018, Hong Kong is at the juncture of reaching some key milestones in our transportation infrastructure development. When completed, they will improve connectivity for the commuters and will shorten the time and distance for people that travel within the region.

Throughout the years, civil engineers have played an important role in the infrastructure development. Our wholehearted and exemplary effort in the engineering and construction of our city has enabled us to become a differentiator to our neighbors. People are the asset, we have to nurture this right from the start. To attract talent, we have to start from schooling age. In this session, we will promote STEM through engagement with the secondary school students. We will organize a series of interactive activities to enable them to understand the field of civil engineering and to arouse their interest for a life-long career in the profession.

On this new era of the innovation and technology, we will organize seminars and conferences with renowned speakers on the application and integration with civil engineering work to create an ever changing and yet sustainable society. Emerging technologies like BIM, AI, VR, GSI/Drone, big-data, 3D printing, PPVC and MIC are just examples to improve time, cost, quality and most importantly safety in our deliverables. These are going to change and shape our industry drastically and we will certainly keep our members abreast of these.

For our motherland, China is undergoing an unprecedented change to become a world leader of construction. The numbers of engineering wonders multiply every year. Therefore, we will continue to bridge the gap between China and HK engineers. We will have talks and visits under the platform established in the past and will organize mainland, Big-Bay Area and Belt and Road activities for our members.


I have chosen “Engineering Our Future” as our theme for this term and I do hope that we can engineer together over a harmonious and exciting year for the well-being of our society.

Ir Alfred LEUNG, Chairman for Session 2018/2019