Chairman Message

Infrastructure development of Hong Kong  has come a long way in the past four decades and as a civil engineer, I can’t be more proud with the extraordinary achievement our industry has made as a whole.

Very often, investment in infrastructure is seen as an effective tool to provide momentum for economic growth and to create employment opportunities.   But in the case of Hong Kong, we can actually see livelihood being dramatically improved.   Without a doubt, people in Hong Kong benefit from infrastructure development.  More than 3 million people (40% of total population) live in well-planned satellite new towns due to the improved transportation network.   Water supply is guaranteed with the building of reservoirs and the pipeline from China.  Every day, over 90% of Hong Kong people commute on public transportation and road traffic time also reduces drastically with the improved road system.  

Chek Lap Kok Airport is one of the busiest airports globally with over 70 million passengers in 2016 and has always ranked in top 5 globally in terms of service and efficiency.   Our airline industry currently employs 70,000 people and this number will double once the 3rd run-way is completed. 

All the cross border projects which strengthen our linkage with Mainland China will enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness on a global scale.

Yet we are in no position to be complacent.   Our industry is facing more challenges than ever with increasing construction cost, filibustering in the Legislative Council, reduction of local job opportunities, shortage of new joiners in our industry and also competition from neighbor countries. 

In the coming year, I will focus on developing innovative solutions and applying new technologies to practice so we can differentiate our expertise from others.   We will also put more efforts in attracting younger talents to join the industry so we can pass on the torch to sustain continuous development of civil engineering in Hong Kong.

I look forward to our members’ support and seeing you in coming division events.

Ir CHUNG Siu Ping, Chairman for Session 2017/2018