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CEPYA 2008

Date, time & venue



Following the successful selection and presentation of the Civil Engineering Papers of the Year Awards last year in 2007, the Civil Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) hasdecided to continue the awards for 2008.The purpose of the event is to promote the image of civil engineers and to enhance the exchange of information and ideas among members for the advancement of civil engineering. Therewill be three prizes for the best civil engineering project papers and onestudent / graduate scholarship prize. Selection will be based on technical scoring of the paper by the judgingpanel.


  1. Themain awards are open to corporate members (Members or Fellows) of the Civil Discipline of the HKIE. Each member may submit one paper only as the principal author with up to two co-authors who mayor may not be members.

  2. TheStudent / Graduate Scholarship Prize awards are open to Graduate or Student members of HKIE Civil Division.

  3. Thepaper should be on the planning, study, investigation, design, construction ormanagement aspects of genuine civil engineering protect or an innovative andrelevant research in Hong Kong, or internationally with strong Hong Kong input.

  4. Thepaper should be authentic, original and neither have been previously published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere, nor be subject to anyapprovals.

An application form is annexed includedand should be submitted by the principal author to accompany the paper. Photocopies of forms are alsoacceptable. The name of the principalauthor should appear first in the paper.All correspondence will be addressed to the principal author.

Ir Chiu-yau Wong
c/o Highways Department, The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 6/F Ho Man Tin Government Offices, 88 Chung Hau Street, Homantin, Kowloon

Tel: (852) 2762 3583
E-mail: wong_chiu_yau@hyd.gov.hk

Submissions should be in English andshould be typed on single sided A4 size paper; single column layout; singleline spacing; justified (flush left and right) with 2.6cm binding margins onall four sides.

The manuscripts should be preceded byseparate cover sheet containing the title, the authors' name and affiliations,a summary of the paper and four to six key words for reference purposes. The authors' names and affiliations should not be given on the manuscript. The title should appear at the top of the first page of the manuscript.

All Text
TimesRoman in WordPerfect / Word for Windows / PageMaker;
TIFfile formats or Windows applications. All software to be IBM PC based.
Authors!| Names, Qualifications andAffiliations
Bold12pt,; Caps / Lower case, centred.
Bold11pt., less than 2000 words (Note: the authors may be invited to send a Chinese translation of the Summary (only), if required later.
Key Words
Bold11 pt. Caps / Lower case; 4 to 6 Words.
Bold14 pt. Upper Case; no numbering; flush left. One blank line each before and after a heading and one blank line only before a sub-headings may be used. Sub-headings, if required: Bold 12 pt. Caps / Lower case.
Body Text
11pt. No indenting of first line of any paragraph;one blank line between paragraphs.
Authors must use the International System of Units for describing dimensional results in the text, figures and tables. Values in terms of other units may be added in parentheses, following the appropriate SI values. Monetary values shall be inHK$.
Notmore than ten A4 pages in total, including diagrams, tables, charts etc. and in a format suitable for publication in the HKIE transactions.
Ifany: glossy, black and white.
Referencesto published literature should be quoted in the text by author's name, following by the year of publication eg: Chan (1994). They should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order of authors!| names with the Author, Title, Name and Volume No. of Journal / conference Proceedings if applicable, Publisher and Year of the Publication.
The titles of booksand the names of publications should be underlined or italicized in the authors' manuscript.
Ifany: to be inserted at the appropriate positions in the text; numbered andcaptioned of adequate size and clarity.Originals and / or artwork may



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