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Site Visit to Zero Carbon Building in Hong Kong

Date, time & venue

2013-01-05;9:45am to 12:15 pm for Tour A and 1:45 pm to 4:15 pm for Tour B;assembly at main entrance of Zero Carbon Building, 9 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay


Jointly organized with Environmental Division, Materials Division and AMC



Representative from Construction Industry Council


Programme Highlights

Hong Kong’s first landmark green building opens the first page of self-sustainable development. The newly established structure is applied with “One Plant Living Loop” principle to exceed over the baseline design of Building Energy Code.  


Registration & Enquiries

50 for each tour (first-come-first-serve basis)., the successful applicant should pay the entrance fee HK $ 20 on that day.

For registration, please complete the enrolment form and apply via the website of Environmental Division (http://ev.hkie.org.hk). 

Attendance certificates will be issued.   

For enquiries, please contact Ir C.S. Lam at mobile: 9152 7659




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